DJ BBQ, Christian Stevenson [Interview] #160

I meet up with the legend that is DJ BBQ, Christian Stevenson! With BBQ season continuing and a heat wave on the way (I mean lets be honest doesn't matter what time of year you listen nowadays they'll always be a heat wave around the corner lol), we talk to DJ BBQ.

Lee Connelly
MONTY DON [Interview] #157

Thats right.. THE Monty Don joins us on the podcast in his first EVER Podcast Interview.

After an 8 month campaign to get the "Top Dog" of gardening on the pod.. its finally happened.. In this podcast we discuss how he went from jeweller to TV gardener.. how he feels about being in the spotlight and when he thinks he'll pass on the baton of BBC Gardeners World head presenter.

To get Mr Monty Don On the podcast we've created music videos, spoke to the agent and even created a hashtag through you lovely listeners! it turns out all I had to do was pluck up the courage and go say hello to Monty. And let me tell ya, this podcast did not disappoint.

Its all here in his first podcast interview EVER here on the Skinny Jean Gardener Podcast. For more incredible interviews from the past and coming up in the future be sure to Subscribe and share this podcast.. means a lot.. thank you!

Thanks so much for all your support on this podcast, every month our podcast family grows and grows with now over 100000 listeners each month! youre all awesome!

Ill be back in September with Alan Titchmarsh and much more.. for now want to find out more about me?

Lee Connelly